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Our pool of over 50 independent analysts gives us the ability to assign coverages for every project to professionals with the particular insights necessary to produce relevant reports that will be taken seriously by Wall Street, while also communicating effectively to the average investor.

In addition, we have assembled a nucleus of world-class analysts to manage each project, in order to assure our reports are a cut above those typically produced by other boutique research firms.

Analysts are qualified based on professional education, training, professional memberships, and experience. All equity research reports published by Prime Equity Research contain specific disclosures, individual analyst credentials and biographical information.

Most analysts writing for Prime Equity are members of their local CFA Institute societies (e.g. the New York or Los Angeles Society of Security Analysts). Analysts who provide research in the Prime Equity Research program subscribe, at a minimum, to the ethics and standards of the CFA Institute, as well as the internal standards established by the First Research Consortium.

To eliminate pecuniary conflict of interest, and in order to maintain full analyst independence, all analysts assigned to Prime Equity coverages are paid up-front and in-full prior to beginning work on any projects. It is also our policy that analysts do not own, trade or otherwise deal in any covered company’s (or “competitor” company’s) shares, and that analysts are never compensated with any company’s debt or equity.

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Our Analysts

Gary Vassalotti, LIFA is President of Vassalotti Investment Management Corp (VIMCOR) and provided investment research and portfolio management for the clients of the firm. Prior to starting his own firm he was employed by First Union, and First American Bank, NA as an International Equity Analyst and Portfolio Manager. As an analyst, he followed many global sectors, including health care, pharmaceuticals, insurance, banking, capital goods, energy, and technology. His strong background in technology, a sector that he followed consistently during his 20 years as an analyst, is strengthened with experience as a partner in V/S Technologies, a computer services firm, and in the writing and utilizing of VIMCOR’s in house portfolio management and equity analysis and valuation software. He received his B.S. in Finance with an emphasis in Economics from The Pennsylvania State University in May 1987. Mr. Vassalotti holds the Licensed International Financial Analyst (LIFA) designation from the International Research Association, and has completed level I of the CFA exam. Mr. Vassalotti also serves as a Webelo’s leader in his local Boy Scouts of America cub scout pack.

Jeff Howlett, is a financial analyst with over 20 years experience spanning a wide range of industries and special situations. For over 11 years, he has been providing research services to public and private companies as well as completing a range of business planning and financial modeling services for clients. Previously, Mr. Howlett gained extensive experience with a major Canadian investment firm specializing in Mergers & Acquisitions. Prior to this he completed a B.Sc in Economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Vitalie Eremia, CFA has a strong background in financial modeling and industry research. He began his career in finance while studying in university, devoting most of his time to a demanding job in a leading microfinance institution, where in a short time he progressed from project assistant to accountant. His excellent command of English language comes from two years of studies in the UK. Vitalie is a regular member of the CFA Institute. Vitalie is also a member of the Advisory team at Chartis Research, a leading London-based provider of research and analysis on the global market for risk technology.