Prime Equity Research was founded and is managed by a team that has been actively involved in the research and finance industry for over 15 years — dating back to the origins of corporate-sponsored research. Our business is rooted in principles of integrity and fundamentals-driven markets.

Our seasoned pool of equity securities analysts have extensive securities market research experience, and are highly qualified and credentialed CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) charterholders or MBA’s. The research we provide is as comprehensive, and unbiased as any on the market. Furthermore, we create strategic partnerships with companies and firms around the world to gain unprecedented domestic and international following of our coverages. Our reports and ratings are used by both institutional and individual investors to obtain accurate, independently-compiled securities data.

In today’s environment, companies that do not provide enough profit potential (e.g. investment banking commissions, fees, trading profits etc.) for brokerage-based and/or investment banking platforms tend to not be followed. We at Prime Equity Research provide independent research for high quality, deserving public companies — on behalf of their shareholders — without the built-in conflicts of interest that permeate the research community in this ever-changing regulatory climate.