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Liquidity is at the root of the most relevant aspects of being a public company, such as access to funding, stock as currency, exit strategy, and so forth.

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about usAbout Us

Prime Equity Research was founded and is managed by a team that has been actively involved in the research and finance industry for over 15 years —

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systematic processSystematic Process

Prime Equity Research facilitates the assignment of professional analysts to companies that are under coverage, and only the professional analysts are qualified to provide ratings.

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Financial reports for the best decisions...



We currently distribute our reports and estimates to many of the industry’s most important companies, such as The Thomson Financial Corporation (ThomsonONE Analytics, formerly known as First Call and I/B/E/S), Reuters (Multex),Factset, and Investars and others.

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We at Prime Equity Research extend our commitment to excellence and continuous improvement to everything we do, and the quantity and quality of our content distribution partnerships are no exception.

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Investors and traders must have the tools, time and ability to remain apprised of events regarding his or her holdings, as a full loss of an investment could occur at any time.

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Expert Analysts

Our pool of over 50 independent analysts gives us the ability to assign coverages for every project to professionals with the particular insights necessary to produce relevant reports that will be taken seriously by Wall Street, while also communicating effectively to the average investor.

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